Endometriosis by life-phase


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Endometriosis in teenagers
Endometriosis can affect females across the lifespan, including in puberty and adolescence. How is endometriosis diagnosed and treated in teenagers? What is the prognosis of adolescent endometriosis?

Early to mid-adulthood

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Does pregnancy protect against or cure endometriosis?
Endometriosis has often been characterised as a diasese of middle-aged career women who have put off having children. Pregnancy is often cited as both preventative and curative of this disease. Is there any truth in these beliefs?

Adenomyosis - A common cause of uterine symptoms after age 30
What is adenomyosis? What are the symptoms? How does it different from endometriosis?


Patient articles & presentations

Does menopause cure endometriosis?
It is often assumed that endometriosis is a disease limited to the reproductive years and that menopause (either natural, medical, or surgical) will bring the disease to an end. Is there any truth in this belief?